deVries International is committed to zero defect quality. This commitment was demonstrated in December of 2003 when we became one of the first seal companies in the world to be TS-16949/ISO9001 certified, setting deVries International apart as the quality leader.

We provide total customer satisfaction by adhering to TS-16949 / ISO9001 requirements and practicing Total Quality Management. Every new part that deVries International undertakes begins with a detailed “QS-9000 package” which includes: engineering application, advanced quality planning for all departments, feasibility reviews, design optimization, design review, and contract review.

After the TS-16949 package is completed, it becomes a “living document” and drives all future business functions relative to that part. These include: development of drawings, process flowcharts, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), control plans, and standard operating procedures. After completion, the design is tooled using CAD/CAM driven Machining Centers and Computerized Lathes. Pre-production parts undergo a complete Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) per AIAG requirements.

Our first five production shipments on a new or revised part undergo a 100% visual product audit to detect any unforeseen start-up issues. This thoroughness allows us to correct any potential system or equipment issues that might be detrimental to the product’s success. After correcting all detected concerns, our product goes into a normal production flow including: elastomer batch control, physical property testing, SPC on significant characteristics, and ongoing visual sampling.

deVries International operates in a “Zero Defect” environment. Through continuous improvement in all aspects of our manufacturing, engineering, and customer service functions, we have achieved single digit customer PPM levels on all product lines.


Through rigorous adherence to the practices set forth by TS-16949, ISO9001, and TQM, deVries International makes a passionate commitment to Zero Defect Quality, putting the importance of product quality before profit. The most significant reason for selecting deVries International as your “Preferred Supplier” is the exceptional quality of our goods and services.

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